Friday, January 18, 2008

Follow up appt with surgeon...

Liam passed his follow up appointment with the feeding tube surgeon with flying colors! He weighed in at 12 lb 10 oz that day, which is fantastic. As you can see from the picture, he's really filling out! It's nice to see the round cheeks (with no NG tube or tape on them!!!), don't you think. Sorry the pic is so small--we aren't technologically savvy enough to know how to make it bigger, nor do we have the time to mess with it right now.

His physical therapist is also pleased with his progress. We are working on coaxing him into rolling over. Liam is babbling a whole lot right now--he loves to talk to us!

The next big thing for Liam is a 3-D head CT at the end of this month to determine if he needs a helmet to correct a flat spot on one side of his head (do heads have sides?). Please pray he doesn't have to have one. However, if he does have to have one, we hope and pray it won't take long to correct the problem.

Please don't take the lack of posts as an indication that the need for ongoing prayers has decreased. Lisa has been extraordinarily busy since returning to work following her maternity leave, and the blog has suffered as a result.

In Christ,
Bill and Lisa