Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Long past due pics from the fall...

Sorry for the delay in posting these pics! I know, I know--I should be posting November and December pictures!! Thought you might like to see Halloween pics first. Hopefully I'll get Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures up in the next month. It's easier now that I'm back at work and have access to a better computer (I love my Mac!!).

I'm entitling the top picture, "If only magic wands worked!!" As you can see, Liam was not impressed with Halloween. But he sure does have a cute sleeper on, eh?

In Christ,

Saturday, December 8, 2007

We're home!!!!!!


And have I mentioned how excellent the cardiology nurses are at Vandy lately???

Happy to be home as of around 4 p.m. today!!! Liam is doing great with his new feeding tube, and it sure is nice to see him without a tube down his nose!!

In Christ,
Bill and Lisa

Friday, December 7, 2007


WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I couldn't post a message before now, but I couldn't get away to do it sooner than this. It's been an extremely chaotic two days.

First, Liam has a brand spankin' new feeding tube, so he's the envy of all the other aspirating babies at the hospital now. ;)

I have never been in a hospital that was so swamped. We were bumped to a 2 p.m. surgery slot yesterday and then didn't actually go to the OR until after 4. Consequently, we couldn't get a bed last night so we spent the night in a holding room in the surgery ward. It was very weird. We were assured we would get a bed this morning. It's now 7 p.m. and we were JUST moved to the cardiology floor a few minutes ago, 15 minutes before the surgery unit closed for the weekend. I was getting nervous that we were going to be in a broom closet over night, but we have a lovely room and (THANK YOU, GOD!!!) favorite nurses we actually know from our last hospital stay. Even more remarkably, they remembered Liam and were happy to see him again. Either that or they should have careers as actresses instead of nurses.

Yesterday, Liam's surgery went according to plan (except for the timing snafu) and he came off the ventilator immediately after surgery. Yahoo!!! He did great in the recovery room. He did have a very rough night until Mama got quite stubborn with the doc and insisted that he give him the appropriate type of pain meds. Can you imagine wanting to relieve post-surgery pain in an infant with only Tylenol? Duh.

Today has been an extraordinarily difficult day. I am discovering that it's best to have cardiology nurses take care of cardiology babies, because if anything unusual happens with a cardiology baby's heart or respiratory rate, non-cardiology nurses tend to get quite anxious. When that happens, Mama gets nervous, too. Liam's heart rate and respiratory rate have been dropping intermitently all day, which was worrying his nurse downstairs to no end. Cardiology was called for a consult and pronounced him fit as a fiddle, but they moved him to the cardiology floor so his nursing would be more specialized. This makes Mama exceedingly happy.

We were supposed to be discharged today but they were so busy downstairs that they didn't get his feeds started on time. Consequently, he can't go home until he proves his new tube works. So far so good--we're up to 60 mL feeds now and he usually eats 78 mL at a time, so we're nearly there. We're hoping for a fairly early discharge tomorrow. We'll see how that works out. Please pray we get to go home ASAP. We're ready to be out of here!

More when possible...

In Christ,
Bill and Lisa

Saturday, December 1, 2007

G-tube surgery info...

Sorry--once again, time got away from us. It's hard to keep up with this blog in the midst of a whirlwind of doc appts!

Liam is set for G-tube surgery on December 6, so please keep him in your prayers during the upcoming week. It is hard to send him off for yet another surgery, but we know it's for the best. Please pray that he will extubate successfully this time--last time we had a terrible time trying to get him off the ventilator! I'll post an update after surgery on Thursday, and don't be shocked if you read he's in the PICU. They may decide to send him to PICU for close observation due the problems coming off the vent last time and his cardiac problems. It should be a one-hour surgery and just an overnight stay in the hospital, provided all goes according to plan.

He sure is a sweetie! He FINALLY smiled for the first time on November 17 at Momma. She sure was glad to see that goofy grin, and she felt like she deserved it for spending all those hours on the silly breast pump for the little guy! ;) He has a GORGEOUS smile!! Our camera is ultra-slow, so we haven't caught it on film just yet....

He's doing better holding his head up, but it's slow going. Because he won't be able to do tummy time for quite some time after the surgery, we expect it to be a while before he gets really good at holding his head up.

That's about it for the news for now. We'll keep you posted this coming week with new developments!

In Christ,
Bill and Lisa