Thursday, July 8, 2010

Braces, but not for his teeth!

Last week, Lisa, Liam, and his physical therapist went to talk with the folks that made Liam's helmet about the difficulty Liam is having learning to walk. His foot placement is wrong with both feet, but especially with his right foot. It looks like he will need an ankle-high brace on his left foot and a mid-calf-high brace on his right foot to correct the placement of his feet as he walks. We are hopeful this will finally help him walk. He has a nifty little reverse walker that his physical therapist loaned us, and he LOVES the mobility it brings. However, as he started cruising around furniture and began using his reverse walker, we quickly realized he needs the braces to correct his foot placement.

So, the wheels are beginning to turn on the insurance approval. We again ask for everyone's prayers. We hope this process moves quickly, because we are anxious to see Liam take his first steps without needing to hang on to something! These will be custom-made braces, so they will be expensive and will take a while to be made.

Prayer Requests:

1. Thanksgiving that Liam is enjoying good health this summer!
2. That the insurance company will allow us to use our local prosthetic company the way we did with his helmet, because is sure is nice not to have to trot back and forth to Vandy constantly when an excellent local treatment provider is available.
3. That insurance will pay 100% of the cost of these braces.
4. That the approval process and construction of the braces goes quickly.

In Christ,
Bill and Lisa