Sunday, August 8, 2010

Casting for braces!

I have my fair share of mom guilt for various things, but tomorrow takes the cake! Liam turns 3 tomorrow (woohoo!) and we're celebrating by having him casted for his leg braces. Well, not really: We're celebrating later with the cake and ice cream and gifts thing, but we do have the leg brace casting appointment RIGHT on his birthday. Great, eh? Friends tell me he won't know the difference. Hmmm...

I do take some solace in the fact that I really didn't have much choice of appointment times, because they had a cancellation. If I didn't take them up on this time, it was going to push it into September, so I snatched it while I could. At least it will only take an hour!

For those who have been asking, I should find out tomorrow when the actual braces will be in and ready for Liam to try. Please keep praying for smooth sailing! It was kind of dicey with insurance approvals there for a while, but persistance paid off once again.

In Christ,
Bill and Lisa